September 8th, 2009
Freedom House unveiled its 2009 report, according to Radio Liberty. 18 March Referendum in Azerbaijan opened the possibility for Ilham Aliyev’s eternal presidency, it is said in the report where Azerbaijan has been criticized. In the “National Democratic Management” section of the report it is noted that the president in Azerbaijan has higher authority.

“According to official results President Ilham Aliyev had 89 % of the votes during elections; however, elections were not held fair and transparent. The Executive Administration continued the consolidation of the government after elections and in October 2008 the parliament ratified the administration without holding any discussion,” according to the report.
The Court system in Azerbaijan has also been mentioned in the report, “The president holds the courts under his own supervision. Although the term of Constitution Court Judges’ was over, they remained at their position until their new appointments. This composition ratified the results of October Elections and the referendum decision in connection with presidential term.”