December 17th, 2008
Today, 17 December, a ceremony was held in the press center of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety to recognize participants in the “Ganimat’s Week” competition announced by “Freedom of Speech Revolutionaries” club.

FSR club founders Anar Niftaliyev, Eldaniz Elgun and Parviz spoke first and said that “Ganimat’s Week” action dedicated to the one-year anniversary of imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Ganimat Zahid’s arrest was organized to support the editor-in-chief of “Azadlig” Newspaper. FSR club members thanked everyone who participated in the week for their support and awarded them with a diploma. Zamin Haji (“Yeni Musavat”), Mahal İsmayiloglu (“Yeni Musavat”), Avaz Zeynalli (“Khural”), Seymur Ahmad (“Azadlig”), Natig Gulahmadov (“Bizim Yol”), Suleyman Osmanoglu (“Prognoz”), Sabuhi Mammadli (“Yeni Musavat”),  Gan Turali (“Azadlig”) and Samir Sari (“Yeni Musavat”) received a diploma.
“Media forum” site journalist Aynur Imanova and “Yeni Musavat” newspaper journalist Sevinj Telmangizi received diplomas for their information support throughout the week.
Through a unanimous decision of the writers that organized “Ganimat’s Weeek” the awards, because Zahid himself was named the winner of the week and a special diploma, medal and 150 AZN were given to Zahid’s wife Ayanda Murseliyev. Within the framework of the week, the book “Asilerin kitabi-1,” which is the compilation of writings published in different press organs, was introduced to the event participants.
Writers who were awarded and media leaders participating in the event included Rauf Arifoglu, Bahaddin Haziyev, Rovshan Hajibeyli, Mehman Aliyev. They said that they highly appreciated the moral support given to the imprisoned editor-in-chief by the FSR club and wished for the release of all imprisoned journalists.