Today (17 July), at the grave of slain "Monitor" Journal Editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov, a ceremony was help in the journalist’s remembrance.

Editors-in-chief, journalists, politicians, representatives from the international community and NGOs, and Huseynov’s relatives participated in the event conducted in the honor of E. Huseynov.

“Elmar Huseynov Fund” Chairman Shahbaz Khuduoglu thanked everyone for remembering Elmar Huseynov and for joining the event. Khuduoglu emphasized that Huseynov was murdered by evil people and left this world as a hero.

Later Musavat Party Leader Isa Gambar spoke and called the murderers of Elmar Huseynov violent criminals. He said that the president Ilham Aliyev stands at the head of these criminals. He said that this crime was no accidental, and was committed to cover up other crimes or to prevent public protest against these crimes. 

Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) Chairman Emin Huseynov talked about the continuing campaign to erect a monument in memory of Elmar Huseynov on Matbuat Prospect. According to Emin Huseynov, appeals sent to government agencies on this issue are being tosses back and forth between different departments. 

“We appealed to the Baku City Executive Administration with more than 500 signatures. They told us to appeal to the president. After this, we appealed to the president a third time, the matter was sent to the Yasamal District Executive Administration. In the response sent to us several months later, we were advised to appeal to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We did and they answered saying that we need to appeal to the president. We did this. Even though a month has passed since our appeal to the president, we haven’t received any reply. I have no doubt that this government now revenges his spirits. Everyone knows that his murderers haven’t been found for certain reasons,” E. Huseynov said. He then regretfully emphasized that journalists are subjected to serious pressure, and that four journalists are still in prison.

*International Press Institute (IPI) and IFEX organizations joined the campaign of IRFS in connection with Elmar Huseynov’s birthday placing banners on their sites.



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