March 13th, 2009
Today, 13 March, in the afternoon hours, a group of people attacked the editorial office of “Gundalik Baki” Newspaper.

Chief Editor of the newspaper Adil Huseynli told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that this attack happened because of several articles published in the newspaper about Azneft Construction Equipment Department Chief Rais Babayev based on a complaint letter. Rais Babayev’s wife gave the complaint letter to the newspaper.
“Today a group of people attacked our editorial office and tried to provoke us,” said Huseynli. “Claiming that they were daughters of Gulshan Babayeva, they made a fuss saying that their mother is mentally ill and publishing the complaint letter was wrong. However, when they found out that the Editor-in-chief Habil Valiyev wants to appeal to police regarding the incident, they left without explaining their aim.”
According to Husenli, they have already appealed to law enforsement organs in connection with this issue.
IRFS attempted to contact Azneft Construction Equipment Department Chief Rais Babayev, but this was not possible.