“I am appealing to the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the head of Nakhchivan City’s Parliament Vasif Talibov. On October 18, I appealed to the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan and at the beginning of November I sent an appeal to relevant organs of both the Republic of Azerbaijan and Autonomous Republic related to injustices committed against me.

Only the Ombudsman responded to me, but that was only to say that the office had received my appeal. My appeals haven’t been responded to for four months, as if such injustices never happened. If my new appeals also do not receive responses, I’ll send an appeal to the courts.” “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper’s Nakhchivan correspondent Hakimeldostu Mehdiyev said this today, during a press conference held in the office of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.  
Mehdiyev informed journalists about the persecution and injustices that have been committed against him. At the same time, Mehdiyev emphasized that Nakhchivan’s government has been unable to silence him through arrests, pressure and persecution. “They want me to leave Nakhchivan, and try to force my family into hunger,” said Mehdiyev. “My current situation is so bad that, any resident in our village who meets with me is called by Nakhchivan’s Ministry of National Security and interrogated. My son has already become a prisoner in our house. He hasn’t left the house for four months. I am afraid that, he’ll be involved in some provocation and arrested.”  
In Mehdiyev’s open letter, it is noted that no one guarantees the safety of his family and his own life, the people have inflicted the many abovementioned injustices have not been punished within the framework of the legislation, trade and objects belonging to the journalist’s family haven’t been restored, a 1.5 hectare plot of land belonging to his brothers and him hasn’t been returned and Mehdiyev’s activity as a journalist in Nakhchivan hasn’t been guaranteed.  
In the open letter the journalist claims seeks compensation for financial and moral damages, the restoration of rights and freedom of expression defense in Nakhchivan.  

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