January 13th, 2009
On 12 January 2009 at approximately 11 a.m. 56-year-old Ibrahim Valiyev, a resident of Heydarabad village in the Sadarek Region of Nakhchivan who complained about police arbitrariness, and his wife Turkan Valiyeva, were taken to the Sadarek Police Department by police. Over a day has passed since then, but the couple remains in police custody. Police will not reveal on what grounds the couple is being held. Ibrahim Valiyev’s son Afig Valiyev told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.   

“Yesterday my parents were taken the police station,” said A. Valiyev. “Although we wanted in front of the station through the night, they were not released. I returned home this morning at 5 a.m. At this point I still have no news from my parents, and I have been unable to learn why they are being held.”

IRFS attempted several times to contact the Sadarek Region Police Department about this matter via telephone, however these calls went unanswered.

This incident appears to be related to the 24 December 2008 incident in which a group of youth were detained by the Sadarek Region Police and held in the police station until morning. During their time of detainment, the youth were subjected to physical, moral and psychological pressure and there parents subsequently addressed formal written complaints to the Azerbaijan Republic’s Ministry of Interior and Republic of Azerbaijan President. Ibrahim and Turkan Valiyev were among the parents who signed these complaints. Ibrahim Valiyev was also fired from his job as a tractor driver from the Waterworks Department several days ago, after signing the complaints. In addition, Group I invalid Ismayil Hasanov, another parent who signed the complaints, was detained by police and committed to a mental institution against his will. Hasanov’s wife Khanimzar Hasanova and Elvin Hasanov have been missing for six days.