May 8th, 2009
Today, 8 May, in the Nasimi District Court, under the chairmanship of judge Elman Ahmadov, a preliminary hearing took place against “Ideal” Newspaper founder Nazim Guliyev on the lawsuit filed in the special format under articles 147.2 (libel, accusing someone of committing a grave or especially grave crime) and 148 (insult) by "Azeri-Turk" Women's Union Chairperson Tanzila Rustamkhanli.

T. Rustamkhanli and her lawyer Ajdar Javadov, another plaintiff S. Mahmudova and her representative Mukhtar Mustafayev, “Ideal” Newspaper founder Nazim Guliyev and his lawyers Elbrus Sarivelli and Vugar Khasayev participated in the hearing.
Lawyer E. Sarivelli objected to the composition of the court, however the judge did not consider this objection.
Plaintiff S. Mahmudova said that her honor and dignity were damaged through the article “I delivered from Balaken to Goychay,” which was published in “Ideal” Newspaper’s 12 June 2008 edition.
N. Guliyev said that he did not agree to the lawsuit and did not write the article in question. “I am the founder. The editor, not the founder, carries the responsibility for the articles published in the newspaper.
Then plaintiff T.Rustamkhanli spoke and said that Guliyev is the author of the articles in question, which were damaging to her dignity and she asked the court to punish N. Guliyev.
Judge E.Ahmadov appointed the next hearing on this case for 14 May at 15:30.
On the basis of the lawsuit filed against N. Guliyev in the special format (i.e. could lead to imprisonment) under articles 147.2 (libel in accusing someone in grave or especially grave crime) and 148 (insult) by "Azeri-Turk" Women's Union Chairperson Tanzila Rustamkhanli, Nasimi District Court Judge Elman Ahmadov issued a decision to sentence Nazim Guliyev to pre-trial detention in November 2008, and a search warrant was issued for Guliyev since he did not come to the court and he was arrested on 24 April 2009.

An investigation is still being carried out into the charges put forth against Guliyev under articles 182 (demanding via threats) and 311 (bribe taking) of the Criminal Code by the Department to Fight against Corruption at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office.