May 8th, 2009
“Korrupsiya va Jamiyyet” Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Mammad Ahmedoglu has sued the Press Council. Ahmedoglu told this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety.

“A little while ago the Press Council unveiled its list of ‘racketeering newspapers’where “Korrupsiya va Jamiyyet” Journal was included, because two slanderous people appealed to the council about articles in our publication,” said Ahmedoglu. “Although I have appealed to the Press Council in the written form five times to meet with the commission that prepared this list and to investigate this issue, my appeals have not been responded to.”
Ahmadoglu said that therefore he has appealed to the Binagadi District Court asking the Press Council to publish a refutation and pay 100,000 AZN for moral damages.
According to Ahmadoglu, he has already filed lawsuits in special format against the two people – Agakerim Aliyev  (in the Surakhani District Court) and Ahmadimukhtar Ahmadov (in the Shaki City Court) who appealed to the Press Council stating that “Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet” journal is engaged in racketeering and demanded that they be punished under articles 147.2 (libel in accusing someone in grave or especially grave crime) and 148 (insult) of the Criminal Code.
Press Council Secretariat Head Rahim Huseynzade told IRFS that he is unaware of the lawsuit. “Everyone has right to appeal to court. However, I consider the decision of the Press Council regarding “Korrupsiya ve Jemiyyet” journal fair,” said Huseynzade. “The Council is conducting regulation in the press regarding law violations through public reproach, but not administrative approach.”
According to R. Huseynzade, the Council investigated the appeals and then included the journal in the list of “racketeers”.