October 18th, 2010

. Today, in the Sabail District Court, Judge Fuad Huseynov held the hearing for a lawsuit opened by a former employee of the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting against his former employees. 

 “I was dismissed from AzTV without any justification in 2006. I was employed by AzTV and was working on the establishment of new patriotic programs. The program, originally planned to last 20 minutes, was later expanded and new staff were employed. I played a major role in making program over a period of 4 years. I’d like to know why my contract was terminated while the program continues to be aired,” Asef Guliyev said.
Azerbaijan Television (AZTV) and Radio Broadcasting did not renew the contract with Guliyev after its expired on 31st July. Guliyev demands that the station rescind his dismissal and appoint him editor of AZTV with a permanent contract, as well as paying him compensation equal to his salary since his dismissal.
The lawyer for the defense, Sedreddin Isgenderov, said that Asef Guliyev was usually late for the work and was unable to use new technologies- those were the reasons for his dismissal. Isgenderov claimed that the the plaintiff’s personal opinion had no legal force.
Then the lawyer told the judge that the orders for the dismissal of Asef Guliyev were made on a non-working day.  Guliyev told that the departments of Administration, Finance and Human Resources didn’t work at the weekend.
The defendant’s lawyer admitted that he didn’t work at the weekend either.
Then Asef Guliyev said that his freedom of expression had been violated in January-February, 2010 and requested the Judge to examine the evidence.
At the end of the hearing, the judge told the defense to bring the relevant documents to the next hearing.
The judge scheduled the next hearing for October 27th, 2010.