August 7th, 2008
Today, 7 August, in the Yasamal District Court under the chairmanship of Judge Khagani Tagiyev a hearing was to be conducted on “Azadlig” Newspaper correspondent Agil Khalil’s lawsuit against the Chief Prosecutor, investigator Ali Guliyev, and the TV Channels AZTV, Lider, Space and ATV was scheduled to take place.

However the judge postponed the hearing until 28 August at 3 p.m. because no one from the plaintiff’s side came to court. Judge Tagiyev said he anticipates that on that day the trial will conclude and therefore it is important for both the plaintiff and defense to participate.
The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety contacted Khalil’s lawyer Elchin Sadigov to learn why he did not attend the hearing. Sadigov said he had a personal issue to deal with. IRFS notes that Khalil humself is currently in France.