August 7th, 2008
Yesterday, August 6, “Yeni Nesil” Journalist Union unveiled the results of media monitoring it is conducting with financial support from the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

According to Turan News Agency, the monitoring results encompass the period between July 15-30. 
The monitoring involves the programming of seven TV channels; ANS, ATV, AZTV, Public TV, Lider, Space and Khazar, between 6 p.m. and midnight. In addition, the newspapers “Azerbaycan,” “Yeni Musavat,” “Azadlig,” “Zerkalo,” and “525 gazet” are being monitored.
The results indicate that on Public TV the ruling party YAP was given 28% of airtime, independent politicians 16%, Musavat-14%, Boyuk Azerbayjan Popular Front Party -7%, Boz Gurd Party 9% and Vetendash Hemreyliyi Party 6%. The remaining 21% was given to non-independent candidates.
It was noted that there were changes in the new programming of Public TV. 54% of the time was given to YAP, and Musavat and Boyuk Azerbayjan Popular Front Party -16%. On AZTV 82% was given to YAP, and the remaining 18% to independent candidates. On Space it was 87% for YAP and 13% for independent candidates. “Khazar” was similar to Space. On ANS YAP was given 65% and on ATV -57%.
The newspapers involved in the monitoring have been separated into two groups according to diversity. “Azerbayjan” and “Khalg” Newspaper gave YAP 79%, 11% to independent ministers, and 8% to independent politicians.
According to the report, the private newspaper had more political diversity. “535 gazet” gave 34% to YAP, 26% to independent politicians and 4% to Musavat. “Azadlig” Newspaper gave 43% to YAP, Musavat Party – 13 percent and Ana Veten Party – 14 percent. “Yeni Musavat” gave 29% to YAP, 25% to Musavat, and 10% to independent candidates.