July 12th, 2011
Today,Narimanov District Court heard the lawsuit filed by “Unikal” neswpaper editor-in-chief Asaf Rzayev against “ Tekhnikabank”. Judge Sanan Hajiyev presided over the hearing. 

Plaintiff “Unikal” neswpaper editor-in-chief Asaf Rzayev and defendant “Tekhnikabank”’s head lawyer were in attendance in the hearing.
The defendant  side described the Unikal newspaper  as a “racketeering” publication and said that the lawsuit lauched agaist the bank is ungrounded.
The plaintiff Asaf Rzayev  said that his newspaper has been never included in the blacklist of Press Council containing the names of racketeering newspapers. He demanded the defendant to substantiate his lawsuit.
Judge Sanan Hajiyev scheduled the next hearing to  June 27th.
The lawsuit stems from an article published by Unikal newspaper about the problems between AMAY trade center and Texnikabank Open Joint Stock Company, which resulted in submission of complaints to the Press Council by the banl. The complaints were investigated by the editorial office and it was revealed that the the complaints contained open insults targeting the editor-in-chief and staff of the newspaper. That’s why the newspaper lodged a lawsuit against the bank with Narimanov District Count. The newspaper demands symbolic 1 AZN in compensation and an apologize for the newspaper staff.