Hilal Mammadov and his supporters protest against unfair trial

hilal memmedov

On February 27 Baku Grave Crimes Court held a closed hearing on the case of Tolishy Sado newspaper chief editor Hilal Mammadov. As lawyer Anar Gasimli told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), the prosecution’s witnesses provided testimonies. “As in previous hearings, Mammadov wore a mask over his mouth, turned his face to wall and stood without speaking. He forbade his lawyers to speak during the trial” said the lawyer.

The trial was postponed until March 6, 10:30am.

Before the start of the trial, the Committee to protect the rights of Hilal Mammadov, held a silent protest outside the Grave Crimes Court, against the closed trial. To show solidarity with Mammadov, they also covered theirmouths with masks. The action lasted for 20 minutes.

Background: According to the court decision, the first part of Hilal Mammadov’s trial relating to the criminal charges under Articles 274 (treason) and 283 (inciting national, racial, social and religious hatred, hostility and ethnic discrimination) should be held closed, while the second part concerning drug-related charges (Article 234.4.3 of the Criminal Code) should be open to the public.

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