Hilal Mammadov refuses to take a drug test

Human rights defender and Tolishi-Sado newspaper editor-in-chief Hilal Mammadov refused to take a drug test, nstitute for Peace and Democracy reported today (on July 20th).

According to the report, Mammadov was taken to the hospital for the test on July 12th. However he refused to take this test alleging that he had been brutally beaten by interior ministry employees. He declared the drug charges against him damage his dignity. The forensic examination commission of 7 experts documented his opinions.
Mammadov, who suffers from asthma, claims his rights were violated when he was taken to the Republican Drug Rehab Center in a stuffy car alongside with 20 drug addicts and TB sufferers. He considers this action as degradation of personal honor, and an attempt on his life.  
Tolishi-Sado editor-in-chief Hilal Mammadov was detained on June 21st 2012. Nizami District Police Office opened a criminal case against him under article 234.4.3 (illegal manufacture, purchase, storage, transfer, transport or sale of drugs in a large quantity). If convicted under this Article Mammadov may face confiscation of his property and imprisonment for up to 12 years. On June 22nd, Nizami District Court sentenced Hilal Mammadov to 3 months of pre-trial detention. He is currently held in Baku Investigative Prison. On July 3rd Hilal Mammadov faced new charges under Articles 274 (high treason) and 283 (inciting national, racial, social and religious hatred, hostility and ethnic discrimination).
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