February 17th, 2011
On February 17th, human rights defender Vidadi Isgandarov conducted a press conference at the IRFS press center on his illegal detention on February 16th. He said that he was surrounded by plain clothed police officers from the Sabail District Police Office in front of his house at 9 a.m. yesterday.

He was taken to the Grave Crime Investigation Department at General Prosecutor Office's. Vidadi Isgandarov said that he had been detained in the police office for 8 hours. He assessed this as illegal detention and pressure.
Isgandarov says that he has been questioned with regard to the testimonies taken for the criminal case launched against him as well other issues. Isgandarov claims that the general prosecutor has also been involved in the arrangement of this process. In addition, he said that the main reason of his illegal detention was his involvement in the protest meeting of citizens before the President’s Office. The citizens were protesting against the GEN Construction Company which had cheated them.
Specifically, GEN LTD received payment from over 300 people for the construction of apartments. However, GEN LTD did not carry out the construction of any of the apartments. 18 members of the Company’s management were charged with fraud, and some of them remain in prison. However, citizens have not had their apartments built nor have they received refunds.
In addition, the human rights defender gave information about the said company’s activities and added that this is evidence for existence of the corruption system in the country. Isgandarov says that the corruption subjects are high ranking officials and that citizens should jointly launch a joint fight against them.
The Human Rights Defender said that he submitted a written appeal to President Ilham Aliyev regarding the illegal actions of officials, including heads of transport, tax, customs offices, several executive heads, as well as the leadership of the Economy University.
Isgandarov also spoke about Elvin Asgarov, who was beaten to death by the employees of Nizami District Police Office. He said that he is legal representative of the victim.
According to Vidadi Isgandarov, although the result of initial examination is ready, it has not been unveiled yet. He said that he will fight to the very end and succeed in bringing the criminals into responsibility.