February 17th, 2011
 “Yukselish Namine” Newspaper  employee and human rights defender Elchin Hasanov, who works the in Sumgait Youth  Legal Education Public Union, was subjected to harassment by more than 20 plain clothed people while he was observing the hearing held by Sumgayit Appeals Court on February 16th regarding Jabbar Savalanli, who was charged with possession of narcotics.

He appealed to the president, prosecutor’s office, and human rights defenders regarding his being subjected to physical pressure, Elchin Hasanov told IRFS today.
Hasanov said that they have already reacted to the appeal.
“The head of Committee for Protection of Oilmen's Rights, Mirvari Gahramanli, told me that he gave information to human rights defender Leyla Yunus regarding this issue. She also said that she will appeal to relevant bodies. I think that other human rights defenders will not be indifferent to this issue. I don’t have information regarding reactions of other human rights defenders because I am following Savalanli`s trial at present,” said Hasanov.
On February 16th, Elchin Hasanov was assaulted by more than 20 police officers and plain clothed persons while he was observing Jabbar Savalanli`s hearing held by the Sumgayit City Appeals Court. He was beaten and forced into a police car. Police not only beat him but also insulted him. Police did not call for medical assistance. The journalist’s waistcoat was torn; his cap, telephone, and 20 AZN were lost.