November 18th, 2009
Today, 18 November, in the Azerbaijan Press Centre, “Hurriyyet” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Suleyman Mammadli held a press conference regarding the arrest of his son Altay Mammadli. S.Memmedli said that his son was released from the National Army on 6 October 2009, but was called back to the military unit on 10 November for confrontation regarding the occurrence of the beating of one soldier. However, his son was sentenced to a two month pre-trial detention in Agdam Military Court. 

S.Mammadli stressed that his son was under supervision since the day he went to the military service. Altay Mammadov was sent back from the military unit of the Internal Army in Keshle district and then was sent to the military unit in Beylegan district and later to the Agjabedi district. S.Mammadli added that his son faced physical and moral pressure repeatedly during his military service and related this to his son’s journalist activity.  
S.Mammadli noted that he informed Defense Ministry Press Pervice’s head Eldar Sabiroglu by phone concerning these events several times, and complained to General Prosecutor’s office and Military prosecutor’s office.

S.Mammadli stated that he appealed to the General Prosecutor’s office, the National Security Ministry, the Military Prosecutor’s office and other organizations regarding this issue.