In the evening on 24 April 2009, “Ideal” Newspaper founder Nazim Guliyev was arrested.  The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by N. Guliyev’s brother Bahruz Guliyev.

According to B. Guliyev, N. Guliyev was arrested by the Fight Department against Organized Crime.
IRFS contacted Ministry of Interior Press Service Employee Ehsan Zahidov in connection with this issue. According to E. Zahidov, Nazim Guliyev, for whom the Ministry of Interior declared an official search for in accordance with Article 4 of the Criminal Code, has been detained as a result of operations carried out jointly by Ministry of Interior Head Crime Search Department and Absheron District Police Department employees and surrendered to the investigation. Zahidov stated that N. Guliyev is being held at one of investigation prisons.
Confirming Bahruz Guliyev’s statement, N. Guliyev’s defense lawyer Vugar Khasayev said that the founder is being held at the Fight Department against Organized Crime.
The lawyer stated that on 25 April he met with the head of the department Mirgafar Seyidov and N. Guliyev. The founder’s situation is normal and does not have any complaints about prison conditions, said Khasayev, adding that two employees of the Ombudsman’s office visited Guliyev on 25 April.
On the basis of the lawsuit against Guliyev, filed in the special format under articles 147.2 (libel in accusing someone in grave or especially grave crime) and 148 (insult) by "Azeri-Turk" Women's Union Chairperson Tanzila Rustamkhanli, Nasimi District court Judge Elman Ahmadov issued a decision to sentence Nazim Guliyev to pre-trial detention in November 2008, and a search warrant was issued for Guliyev since he did not come to the court. 
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