June 4th, 2009
Imprisoned Azerbaijan Milli Istiglal Party (National Independence Party) Imishli Region member Musa Rahim, who is being held in prison #10, started a hunger-strike on 30 May.
AMIP Secretary Ali Orujov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that M.Rahim took this step to object to unbearable prison conditions, failure to treat him and lack of situation for reading periodicals.

“Musa Rahim started a hunger strike hunger-strike on May 10 2007 to protest pervasive injustice, corruption and confiscation of their lands in the region,” said A.Orujov. “Then he put up a tent in his yard and moved in there with his family. He tore down part of his house’s roof and hung different slogans there. Being irritated by this situation, the leadership of the region decided to silence him. Musa Rahim was arrested on 23 August 2007 on spurious charges for allegedly resisting to police while going to home from a teahouse.”
Justice Ministry Penitentiary Services Public Relations Department Head Mehman Sadigov denied the reports about M.Rahim’s hunger-strike and told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, “Musa Rahim went on hunger-strike on 5 May and it lasted for only three days. He was transferred to Penitentiary Services’ Treatment Facility after this incident, but was returned to prison several days later because he did not need to be treated in the treatment facility. News about his hunger strike is unfounded. The leadership of the prison where he is being held would have informed us if such an incident happened.”
M.Rahim was convicted under articles 221.2.2 (hooliganism) and 315.1 (resisting to or using violent behavior against government official) of the Criminal Code and imprisoned for five years on 23 August 2007.