April 17th, 2008
Yesterday (16 April) imprisoned journalist, "Bizim Yol" newspaper

employee Mushfig Huseynov's nephew Tahmasib Huseynov visited the
journalist in Prison #2.

Tahmasib Huseynov told the Institute for

Reporters' Freedom and Safety, "Mushfig didn't complain about the
situation in the prison or about the attitude of the employees there.
But I can tell that he caught cold."
Recall that Mushfig Huseynov was accused under article 311.1
(receiving of a bribe) of Criminal Code and on 21 January 2008 was
sentenced to 6 year imprisonment and 2 years of deprivation from
journalistic activity with the decision adopted by the Grave Crimes
Court Judge Jamal Ramazanov. On 4 April 2008 with the decision of Baku
Appellate Court Judge Sahibkhan Mirzayev Huseynov's arrest term was
reduced to 5 years.