December 9th, 2009
Today, 9 December, in the Supreme Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Ilham Jafarov, a hearing was conducted on the cassation complaint of “Nota” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Substitute Sardar Alibeyli, and newspaper employees Faramaz Novruzoglu and Ramiz Tagiyev against the decision of the Baku Appellate Court. The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety was told this by Sardar Alibeyli’s lawyer, Elchin Sadigov.

He said that the motion regarding the participation of Sardar Alibeyli in the hearing was not fulfilled and the judge upheld the decision of the Baku Appellate Court.

On 22 July Nizami District Court issued a verdict to sentence “Nota” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Substitute Sardar Alibeyli (Aliyev) and former chief adviser of “Nota” newspaper Faramaz Novruzoglu (Allahverdiyev) to three months imprisonment according to the lawsuit of “Azadlig Harakatchilari” Union Chairman Tahmasib Novruzov.

Ramiz Tagiyev, another correspondent of the newspaper, was sentenced to six months conditional imprisonment under the same verdict. On 8 October the execution of the verdict was fulfilled after the Appellate Court adopted a decision to uphold the lower court’s decision.

On 9 October, a decision was issued on the appeal of both parties against the decision of the Nizami District Court adopted on the special lawsuit of several Internal Army representatives against “Nota” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Sardar Alibeyli, and Sardar Alibayli was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment including his previous sentence.