Independent election observer pressured in Zerdab district

October 4th, 2013

Independent election observer Ramil Soltanov was pressured today in Zerdab district by local government employees for conducting filming, Soltanov himself has told IRFS. According to Soltanov, he wanted to observe the event organized by the Yeni Azerbaijan Party (YAP) in Zerdab under the veil of healthcare workers’ event and photographed the “UAZ” brand car decorated with YAP flags standing in front of the building, where the event took place. After this, local government employees prevented him from observing the event.

“Head of the YAP’s local branch ordered not to allow me into the building and make me to leave the area, and the local government employees pressured me to leave. I told them that this is a propaganda event and I have a right to observe or film the event. They threatened that I could be falsely arrested or get into trouble” said Soltanov.