August 4th, 2008
As was previously reported, the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety and Reporters Without Borders sent a joint information inquiry to Communications and Information Technologies Minister Ali Abbasov in connection with the creation of agency to oversee internet security in Azerbaijan.

According to the response, in accordance with article 7.3.4 of the Activity plan of the Electronic Azerbaijan State Program and Azerbaijan’s signing on to the European Council’s “Convention on Cyber-crime,” the creation of a National Center for Electronic Security (AZ-CERT) is envisaged, and at present the international experience in this area is being studied. For your information, we note that in the majority of countries of the world a variety of different CERTs operate, including national CERTs.
In the  response it is also noted that Azerbaijan’s National Center for Electronic Security will operate in the national domain zone (.az), and during the preparation and use of websites will assist in eliminating any loopholes regarding technology and programming. AZ-CERT will not have the authority to cease the activities of people and/or institutions that participate in causing computer dangers, to close resources, to block email addresses, etc. Appeals will be sent to law enforcements officials in connection with these types of incidents.
The Electronic Security National Center will operate as a part to the Communications and Information Technologies Ministry, and will cooperate with relevant state agencies on matters related to information security.