Investigation completed in late journalist’s case

The investigation of the criminal case launched in connection with the murder of the former chairman and Board member of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS), journalist Rasim Aliyev, has been completed, reported Asabali Mustafayev, the Aliyev family’s lawyer on December 9.


The lawyer said that the decision was announced at the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office on December 8, where he was waiting with the late journalist’s family.


Mustafayev added that he will receive the case materials after they have been presented to the accused and their lawyers. He will file motions after acquainting himself with the materials.

“We had filed a motion for a confrontation (as per right to confront witnesses) between Rasim Aliyev’s parents and the doctors who treated him. Our request is based on the contradiction between what the doctors told the media and what the family says. However, the investigating authority denied the motion, stating that the impact the outcome of the case had not been demonstrated,” said the lawyer.


Mustafayev believes that the court will receive the case materials by early February at the latest.

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