April 9th, 2008

An investigation is being conducted into the threatening phone calls that “Nota bene” Newspaper employee Faramaz Allahverdiyev (Novruzoglu) received.

Allahverdiyev told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, “Employees of the Chief Office to Fight Against Organized Crime visited me a couple of days ago. When they visited me second time, they brought a list of the calls I received on the days the threatening calls came to my phone. I looked through the numbers on the list. Only one number was unfamiliar to me and I know the owner of it. I am sure that the threatening calls came from that number. But I made a commitment not to reveal the name of this person during the investigation. I think the reason for the thorough investigation into the threatening calls is due to the appeal from PEN organization to President Ilham Aliyev. It was only after this, that they started to investigate this case thoroughly.”
Recall that Allahverdiyev had intestinal surgery on 3 April at Topchubashov Experimental Hospital. He is currently staying in the oncology department of the hospital and his health is normal. But it is not known when he will be released.