Investigation into journalist Hilal Mammadov’s case completed

November 29th, 2012
The investigation into the case of Tolishi-Sado newspaper chief editor Hilal Mammadov has been completed, as reported by Mammadov’s lawyer Khalid Bagirov. According to Bagirov, Mammadov’s lawyers will view his criminal case file tomorrow.

The chief editor of Tolishi-Sado newspaper and deputy head of the Talysh Cultural Centre, Hilal Mammadov, was arrested on June 21, 2012 on charges of drug possession. On June 22 Nizami District Court sentenced Mammadov to 3 months of pre-trial detention under Article 234.4.3 of the Criminal Code (illegal possession of drugs). On July 3rd, Mammadov faced new charges under Articles 274 (high treason) and 283.2.2 (incitement of national, racial, social and religious hatred, hostility, and ethnic discrimination). Once convicted, Mammadov may face confiscation of his property and imprisonment up to 12 years.