IRFS calls for justice in murders of journalists

The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) strongly condemns the impunity for the perpetrators and masterminds of writer Rafig Tagi’s murder and calls for the authorities to end this impunity by immediately and impartially investigating all attacks against journalists and bringing those responsible to justice.

Rafig Tagi died in a Baku hospital, days after being treated for stab wounds he suffered in a November 19 2011 attack. In the ten months that have passed since Tagi’s death, no progress has been reported on solving his murder. IRFS is deeply concerned over government’s stance on the Tagi’s murder. The authorities have been slow and negligent in pursuing the culprits, and above all, independent investigation  led by IRFS reveals some doubtful points in the official investigation of Tagi’s death.
IRFS reminds that nobody brought to justice over murdered journalist Elmar Huseynov. The suspects in the murder are two Georgian citizens of Azerbaijani origin whom Azerbaijani authorities have failed to bring to justice.

His case also serves as a constant reminder of the injustice for the victims and their families as the instigators – and often the perpetrators – of these tragic killings continue to walk free.
‘The vicious cycle of violence against journalists and impunity for these crimes is endangering freedom of expression in Azerbaijan’, says IRFS Chairman, Emin Huseynov.
IRFS calls for the authorities to bring Elmar Huseynov’s and Rafig Tagi’s murderers to justice and to seriously investigate and prosecute all cases of violence against journalists.
IIRFS also requests international organizations to keep this issue in their spotlight.

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