June 12th, 2008

Today (12 June) a court hearing on the lawsuit of imprisoned former Health Minster Ali Insanov against AZTV and “Lider” TV channels took place in the Baku Appellate Court under the chairmanship of Judge Tatyana Goldman.

However, Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Rasim Aliyev, who was supposed to monitor the hearing, wasn’t permitted in the court building.

The police sergeant on duty in the surveillance-admission center of the Baku Appellate Court told R. Aliyev, “Ms. Tatyana instructed us not to permit anyone in the hearing,” after taking a look at Aiyev IRFS ID card. The policeman added that the Judge T. Goldman cannot interrogate witnesses when there are strangers in the hall.
Although the IRFS employee verbally appealed to the reception department, nobody assisted him.

An employee at the reception desk, who refused to disclose his name, told R. Aliyev, “The hearing has already started; you are late.” This seems suspect however since the hearing was scheduled to start at 11:00 am and R. Aliyev arrived at the court at 10:45 am.