Journalist called to police office

May 18th, 2012
 On May 16th journalist Tahmina Tagizade was called to Ganja City Police Office, her lawyer Intigam Aliyev told Radio Liberty.


According to Intigam Aliyev, she received the summons at about 12 yesterday, but the reason was not given.


“We believe that, she was summoned due to her investigation into her illegal detention by the police on May 12th. But Elchin Jahangirov, the investigator of Nizami District Police Office, said that she was detained because of the complaint by Nizami District Municipality. It was alleged that Tahima had introduced herself as a correspondent of ANS TV, and the police office was requested to investigate it.”


Tahmina Tagizade was stopped by police while she was interviewing residents of Nizami street in Ganja city, whose houses have been demolished. She was released after a brief interrogation.