February 6th, 2008
"Azadlig" Newspaper Ganja Regional Correspondent Arshad Ibrahimli was threatened by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Kapaz city, Javad Safaraliyev. Arshad Ibrahimli reported this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety late last night.

Ibrahimli told IRFS that he appealed to J. Safaraliyev yesterday (5 February) investigate a complaint put forth by citizen Elnara Ahmadova.  But upon hearing this, J. Safaraliyev threatened him saying, "We are going to make a headache for you. We can kill you and throw your dead body into the Ganja River." After this incident, Ibrahimli received two threatening phone calls yesterday to his mobile phone from different numbers. The phone calls came from unhidden numbers, and Ibrahimli gave the numbers to IRFS.
 One of the callers was a man but the other a woman. The man threatened Ibrahimli, saying, "We can shoot you in the head and throw you in the trash."
 An employee of IRFS called those numbers. Someone by name Hasan answered the phone and confirmed that he called Ibrahimli. Hasan said he was a relative of Elnara Ahmadova. He also mentioned, "I never threatened him, but he has threatened us."