March 1st, 2010
Today, 1 March, in the press center of the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety, Poligon information agency’s editor Elmin Bedelov held a press conference regarding his dismissal from the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy for his critical articles and being summoned to military service as a result.

Defense Committee for Elmin Bedelov Chairman Ramin Hajili said that they got several achievements since the creation of the Defense Committee for the Rights of Student-journalist. He added that they will continue the necessary efforts, will send appeals to human rights defenders, and this issue will be discussed at the international level.
Elmin Bedelov said that he was not successful with his appeals to relevant organizations regarding the restoration of his right to education. E.Bedelov added that Bilesuvar region prosecutor’s office called him on 27 February to summon him to the military service. This occurred after the date of hearing was published in the press.
Elmin Bedelov was dismissed from the State Oil Academy on 19 January 2010. On 12 November 2009 Elmin Bedelov published an article on website (“Reportage from Azerbaijan State Oil Academy) regarding bribe cases and financial frauds in the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. The student-journalist claims that pressure used against him and his failures are related to his article. On 17 February he appealed to the Nasimi District Court to restore his rights.
IRFS appealed to the Ministry of Education and ASOA to hold reexamination for E.Bedelov with participation of a special commission. In response to this appeal, the Ministry of Education stated that E.Bedelov was dismissed from the Azerbaijan State and Oil Academy for three failures. Nothing regarding conducting was noted in the response letter signed by University and Vocational Education Department Director Ilham Mustafayev.