Journalist E. Hasanzadeh threatened with his arrest

Journalist and member of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan Elchin Hasanov announced the threat of his arrest. “Today, an officer of the Khazar district police department of Baku called me and insisted on the need to appear at the police. I asked about the reasons for the call. He began to invent various reasons. I said that let them send an official summons to call the police. Later they called me from the housing office and also urgently called to this office,” Hasanzadeh wrote on his Facebook page. He also indicated the phone number of the police officer who called him. Hasanzadeh fears his arrest, given the mass detentions in the last days of opposition activists. It has not yet been possible to get comments from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In recent days, about 10 PFPA activists have been arrested administratively for allegedly violating the quarantine regime and not reporting to the police. Hasanzadeh was previously prosecuted for his social, human rights and journalistic activities and was sentenced to correctional labor. Hasanzadeh is an employee of the site “Yukselish Namine” (In the Name of Renaissance) and deputy head of the NGO “Legal Education of Sumgait Youth”.


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