Journalist files lawsuit over violation of his right to receive information


Journalist of Azadliq newspaper, Natig Adilov, filed lawsuits against Baku State University (BSU) and Ministry of Finance for their failure to respond to the journalist’s request for information, the journalist himself reported to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) on may 7.

According to Adilov, he submitted the requests after he could not find necessary information on the websites of the above-mentioned institutions while he was conducting a research on how the funds allocated for education sector are used.

“I requested information regarding state allocations to BSU in 2011, the number of students paying fees and the total fee revenue of BSU in that year, and also a copy of the financial report for 2011 that BSU had provided to the Ministry of Finance. Request for the copy of financial report had also been sent to the Ministry of Finance. However neither the University, nor the Ministry provided response to my requests” said the journalist.

Adilov said that his lawsuits will be considered by Yasamal and Nasimi district courts on May 16 and 29.

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