Journalists must ‘know their place’, says Baku Metro Head

Azerbaijani public figures continue to speak in a rude, condescending and demeaning way to journalists, who simply exercise their constitutional right to seek and disseminate information. Head of Baku Metro, Tagi Ahmadov,  well-known for his hostility towards the press, insulted media representatives in front of the public on May 6, reports website.

When one of the journalists covering the  90th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev event organized by ruling party asked Tagi Ahmadov if any new metro station would be constructed, Ahmadov got aggressive and said: “Are you a parrot? Why do you keep asking this question every time you see me?” said Ahmadov.

Ahmadov did not stop here. He blamed journalists for being ‘narrow-minded’. “Don’t you have something else to do? Know your place!” Ahmadov continued his rude remarks.

Commenting on the fine imposed on Azadliq newspaper based on his lawsuit, Ahmadov said he will make no compromise and demand that Azadliq pays this fine.

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