Journalist Groups to Investigate Cases of Rafiq Tagi and Avaz Zeynalli

December 7th, 2011
An independent investigation into the murder of journalist Rafiq Tagi and the arrest of the editor-in-chief of Khural newspaper, Avaz Zeynalli has been launched by civil society and media organizations in Azerbaijan.

The initiative is the result of a new project, the Preventive Response Group (PRG) which received funding from the Open Society Institute – Assistance Foundation.
The project is being carried out by the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety with the support of the Fund to Protect Journalists and Freedom of Speech.
Two Preventive Response Groups, each consisting of between two and five journalists, lawyers, and medical practioners, will work to prevent threats and investigate killings, attacks, abductions, arrests, and any kind of pressure applied to media employees.
But their first task will be the investigation of Rafig Tagi’s murder and the arrest of Avaz Zeynalli.
The preliminary results of investigation will be published by the end of December.