Journalist Idrak Abbasov invited to Interior Ministry to identify assailants

November 1st, 2012

On November 1st the correspondent of the Ayna/Zerkalo newspaper and the IRFS, Idrak Abbasov was invited to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where photos of 22 different people suspected of attacking Abbasov were shown to him, Abbasov’s lawyer Fariz Namazli told the IRFS.

“It was hard to identify the attackers, as the photos were old, black-and-white and very small, but Idrak Abbasov suspected 9 of 22 people and we requested face-to-face confrontation. We are going to meet those people in the coming days” said the lawyer.
Idrak Abbasiv was brutally beaten on April 18, 2012 by the employees of the SOCAR, while he was trying to film the housing demolition in Sulutapa settlement, Binagady district, Baku. As a result Abbasov’s right eye and internal organs were seriously injured and two ribs were fractured. Abbasov’s treatment is ongoing. Despite that criminal proceedings were opened in connection with this case, no one has been brought to justice as yet.