State Border Service demands 50,000AZN from Yeni Musavat

November 1st, 2012

On October 29th a preparatory meeting was held in Nasimi District Court under presiding judge Elman Ahmedov on the civil lawsuit brought by the State Border Service against the Yeni Musavat newspaper, the newspaper’s lawyer Vagif Huseyn reported to the IRFS on November 1st.

The State Border Service sued the Yeni Musavat newspaper, for the article entitled “General destroys houses”, according to which, construction of the mansard of Karat-INN hotel that is supposed to be owned by State Border Service head Elchin Guliyev poses danger to nearby buildings and houses, including the apartment of citizen Afgan Murtuzayev.  The State Border Service is demanding compensation in the amount of 50,000AZN.