Today in the Nasimi Direct Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Mammed Mammedov, a hearing was conducted on "Bizim Yol" Newspaper correspondent Natig Adilov's lawsuit against State Student Admissions Committee Chairperson Malayka Abbaszade for failure to act (specifically failure to respond to an information request).

Adilov and his representative, Nurlana Aliyeva, participated in today's hearing, as well as defense representative Narmina Bayramova.
First, the representative of the defendant introduced a certificate to the court. It is noted in the certificate that there’s no document to prove the receipt of delivery. Then the representative of the plaintiff N. Aliyeva responded to the question “When did you get the inquiry?” She said, “The inquiry dated 29 November 2007 reached us on 27 December.” At this moment plaintiff Natig Adilov introduced the reply letter from post office to the court confirming that the letter reached State Student Admissions Committee on 3 December 2007. The document was signed by a person with last name Mustafazade. Then the judge asked the defendant, “How can you explain this?” The defendant said, “I don’t know anyone by the last name Mustafazade, but I will find out about it.”

The judge ordered N. Adilov to bring the document confirming that on 3 December 2007 on the letter was received by Mustafazade.  
The next hearing is now scheduled to take place on 8 April at 3:00 pm.  

This lawsuit stems from a information request sent by Adilov on 29 November 2007 to the State Students Admission Committee about how Royala Najafov (popular singer Roya) got accepted into Baku State University. According to Adilov this information request was never responded to. The plaintiff is seeking to have the court adopt a decision that State Students Admission Commission Chairperson Malayka Abbaszade must honestly and fully respond to the information request and for a decision to be adopted in accordance with Civil Procedural Code 265.1 that Abbaszade be held responsible for violating relevant legislation.

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