Journalist Rovshan Mammadli Jailed for 30 Days

On 23 January two supporters of Muslim Union Movement’s Taleh Bagirzade were reported missing the day before they will announce the court judgment on the defendants in the Nardaran case. According to Nardaran residents, these two supporters are journalist Rovshan Mammadli and youth by the name Ahsan.

The news of journalist Rovshan Mammadli’s detention by the police a day before became known on 24 January. As reported by Mammadli’s relatives, he was phoned by the passport registration department and invited to sign some document. The police detained the youth at the entrance of the office. They charged Mammadli with disobeying police and sentenced him to a 30-day administrative imprisonment by the court. They are holding him in Binagadi Temporary Detention Facility.

Rovshan Mammadli is known to be a supporter of Haji Taleh Bagirzade and writes articles about him. A few days ago, published his article titled “A Word or Two about Haji Taleh.”

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