Journalists forgive their assailants

On November 24 Turan Information Agency correspondent Etimad Budagov and Yeni Musavat newspaper reporter Farahim Ilgaroglu attended the Interior Ministry to face the police officers, who attacked them during a protest on November 17, as reported to the IRFS by Etimad Budagov.  

“We faced the assailants at the Internal Investigations Department of the Interior ministry. The policemen apologized for their actions. We were told that the police officers, who attacked us, are newcomers and that was their first job. Moreover they had been told that the journalists would be dressed only in yellow jackets not blue ones. They assured us that those officers would be punished for professional misconduct. Therefore we withdrew our complaints” said Budagov.

 The two journalists were attacked during an opposition protest on November 17th. They had submitted a complaint to the Interior Ministry immediately after the attack.


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