Journalists to stand trial for Guba protests

The materials of the criminal cases launched against Khayal TV employees Vugar Gonagov and Zaur Guliyev, who were arrested in connection with March1 protest in Guba, have been submitted to the Guba City Court for review. According to the APA news agency, the preparatory meeting on the case of the journalists is scheduled for November 30.

After the online dissemination of a video in which Rauf Habibov (the then chief of Guba Executive Power) insulted Guba citizens, there was a riot in Guba on March 1st. The citizens set Habibov’s house on fire and there were clashes between people and the police. After the protests president Ilham Aliyev dismissed Rauf Habibov from his post. On March 13 Khayal TV correspondents Vugar Gonagov and Zaur Guliyev and up to 20 other Guba residents were arrested in connection with the Guba protest. The trial of  8 of them is underway in the Guba City court.

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