March 16th, 2010
The Assistance Fund for the Defense of Speech Freedom and Journalists considered the appeal received in March and allocated 3700 USD to the representatives of media, according to Turan Information Agency.

According to the item, “assistance for defense of journalists who are involved in court,” 500 USD was allocated to Yeni Musavat Newspaper’s editorial-office, and 300 USD was allocated to Poligon Agency employee Elmin Bedelov.
According to the item “assistance for the treatment of injured journalist while doing his/her professional work,” Azadlig Newspaper employee Gultekin Knyaz gizi received 400 USD, and SalamNews Agency employee Zulfugar Kheyirkhabar received 300 USD.
In addition, according to the item “assistance to the family and official representative of imprisoned journalist,” Gundelik Azerbaijan and Realniy Azerbaijan Editor-in-chief Eynulla Fatullayev`s family (according to Emin Fatullayev`s appeal) received 500 USD, and Nota Newspaper Editor-in-chief Serdar Aliyev received 300 USD.
Based on the decision by the Open Society Institute Support Fund, Azadlig Newspaper employee Sakit Zahidov received 1400 USD to continue his treatment in a foreign country.
The Assistance Fund for the Defense of Speech Freedom and Journalists Founders are the Yeni Nesil Journalist League, the Azerbaijan’s Journalist Union, the Najaf Najafov Fund, and the Azerbaijan Democratic Journalists League.
The project has been realized by the financial support of Open Society Institute Support Fund Azerbaijan.