Judge reduces Zeynalli’s fine

June 28th, 2012
Today a hearing was held on the appeal by Khural editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli against the January 23rddecision by Narimanov District Court, following the lawsuit brought by Baku-Baltika LLC director Adam Tlekhuray.

Lawyer Elchin Sadigov filed three petitions in  court; first, he objected to the composition of the jury. Then he asked the court to view video featuring Baku-Baltika LLC recycling beer containing microbes.

After his first two motions were denied, the lawyer filed a third petition to ensure Avaz Zeynalli’s presence at the hearing, announcing that he would cease acting as Zeynalli’s legal representative if this petition was denied. When this third petition being denied, Elchin Sadigov left the courtroom.

In his turn, Adam Tlekhuray’s legal representative Arif Agayev asked the court not to grant the appeal by the defendant.

The judge ruled to replace the previous fine against Khural newspaper, 50 000 AZN, with one of 25 000 AZN.

In January  2012, Narimanov District Court partially granted the lawsuit filed by Baltika-Baku LLC against Khural newspaper, which demanded 150 000 AZN in compensation for libel and damage to honor and business reputation. Khural was sentenced to a 50 000 AZN fine.