October 10th, 2011

Today, Nasimi District Court held a preliminary court hearing on the lawsuit filed by lawyer Khalid Bagirov against the Bar of Lawyers’ August 24th, 2011  decision to  suspend his membership for one year.

Judge Etibar Humbatov presided over the hearing. The  plaintiff Khalid Bagirov, his representative Elchin Namazov, and Feruz Guliyev from the defendant side, were all in attendance. Khalid Bagirov and his representative objected to the fact that according to the law, the letter of attorney given to Guliyev’s representative by the Presidium of the Bar of Lawyers should have been actually given by the Bar itself. The representative of defendant’s side dismissed the claim.

The judge, Etibar Humbatov, told the defenant’s representative that at the next proceeding  he will have to present the Bar of Lawyer’s letter of attorney to the court. At the same time,  the judge said that human rights defender Vidadi Isgandarov, who is in jail now, sent an appeal to the court requesting to participate in the proceeding as a third party.

Then the plaintiff and his representative filed a motion requesting the court to terminate execution of the Presidium’s decision, because, as the case can drag on for an entire year, even a decision made on behalf of the plaintiff will have no significance.

After deliberation, judge Etibar Humbatov refused to grant the motion and also denied Vidadi Isgandarov’s appeal to attend the hearing as a third party. The proceeding was postponed until November 3.

On August 24, 2011, based on an appeal filed by Rafig Abbasov, chief of Baku City General Police Office, the Bar of Lawyers ruled to suspend for one year, the membership of Khalid Bagirov, a lawyer of legal consulting office #6,.