Khural Newspaper Editor-In-Chief Avaz Zeynalli Summoned by Police


On September 3, Khural newspaper editor-in-chief, former political prisoner Avaz Zeynalli was summoned to Police Station #4 of Binagadi District Police Department but was not told the reason he was summoned, Avaz Zeynalli himself has said.

“I met with Nadir Abbasov, the district police officer of Police Office #4. He was a calm and unassuming police major with a low-pitched voice. The police major recommended me to avoid prison and not to engage in such things. “What things,” I asked. “No, I was just saying,” he said. I said I was a man of letters and was waging my struggle with words. “Men of letters go, too,” he said. “Where,” I asked. He mentioned the names of late journalists Najaf Najafov and Elmar Huseynov. “Are you threatening me,” I asked. “No, I am just getting acquainted with you,” he said. But this was a message for me, and I do not think it was just a random meeting,” Avaz Zeynalli said.

On September 5, Baku city Main Police Department (BCMPD) issued a statement on the summoning of journalist Avaz Zeynalli by the police. According to the statement, Khural newspaper editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli has made a statement on his recent summoning to Police Station #4 of Binagadi District Police Department. “Given the inaccuracy of the information circulated in the press, we would like to bring clarity to the issue. Citizen Avaz Zeynalli was actually invited to Police Station #4 on September 3. Nadir Abbasov, who has been appointed the new district police inspector at the police station, wanted to meet, get acquainted and hold a prophylactic talk with the citizens living in the district who have served prison terms. Avaz Zeynalli has also been invited to the police station for this sole purpose. We would like to specifically stress that the conversation took place in normal working conditions. No illegal or unethical words were used against Zeynalli, nor were the names of late journalists Najaf Najafov and Elmar Huseynov mentioned,” the statement reads.

Background: Avaz Zeynalli was arrested in October 2011, based on the complaint of former MP Gular Ahmadova. On 12 March 2012, Avaz Zeynalli was sentenced to 9 years in jail by the judgment of Baku Grave Crimes Court. Avaz Zeynalli was released under a presidential pardon decree in December 2014.

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