“KHURAL” newspaper prepares for protest

On May 16th, Khural newspaper editor-in-chief Avaz Zeynalli held a press-conference at the Insitute for Reporter’s Freedom and Safety on the court decisions issued agaisnt the newspaper.

According to the court’s judgment, the newspaper  must pay 10 000 AZN to the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev. Accordingly, the newspaper’s property has already been inventoried.

Zeynalli said that he is ready to pay the fine, but in installments. “We cannot pay in cash because of cash flow problems. If we pay in cash, that would be the end of the newspaper’s activity,” said Avaz Zeynalli.

“Imposing such a hefty fine on element of the court’s unfair decision. An additional concern is that Ramiz Mehdiyev is keen to limit freedom of expression. Therefore, we have decided to protest. In the coming days, we will appeal to the Executive Power of Baku City,” he added.


Mehdiyev’s lawsuit was prompted by an article called “Ramiz Mehdiyev’s plan against Bakhtiyar Vahabzade!!! Why did the head of the Presidential Administration punish the people and the Executive Administration of Shaki?” was published in Khural newspaper on 23 May 2010. The plaintiff demanded that a refutation be published and 10,000 AZN in fines be paid in a transfer to the account of “Umid yeri” Children’s House in Bina settlement. The lawsuit was fulfilled on 2 July. On 1 September, the Appeals Court upheld the decision.

Khural newspaper was established in October 2002 and is published once a week.


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