On May 16th, the presentation of the Head of the American Silha Center Jane Curtley’s book “Media Rights” was held in the Press Council. The book has been translated into Azeri.  The author Jane Curtley, Press Council Head Aflatun Amashov,  US Embassy PR Department Head Terry Davidson and media leaders were all there.

Completed with financial support from US Embassy to Azerbaijan,the book looks at favorable conditions for the development of journalism, the framework for free press, self-regulation as an alternative to court proceedings, journalists’ responsibility, new media,  citizen journalism, bloggers, freedom of information,  and the development of civil society.

Jane Curtley said that the book lays out the rights and responsibilities of the free press in a free society: “First of all, a free and independent press is vital to every free society. Secondly, a free press is brave, and it gives brave and unbiased coverage for its readers and viewers . Third, free press has responsibilities.”

The author believes that new media will overcome traditional and classic media, given its suitability for political activism.

According to the author, the brave journalists in the world risk their lives in facing up to repressive governments and other obstacles, while providing the community with news and accurate information. “Journalism blossoms in the countries where rule of law is respected. Free press is guarded by the national constitution, laws or general legislative tools. The laws should at least protect the news media from the censorship and provide journalists with access to information. ”

US embassy public relations department head Terry Davidson said that the US will continue its assistance in developing the free media in Azerbaijan.

In discussions, the representatives of local media welcomed the book and asked various questions.

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