December 13th, 2008
On 12 December, “Yeni Musavat” column writer Zamin Haji (Hajiyev) was allegedly beaten by Karabakh Liberation Organization Chairman Akif Nagi. Zamin Haji told the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety that he called Akif Nagi “eke” (the word brother in Uzbek) in his article which did not please Akif.

“Akif demanded that I don’t write about him anymore,” said Zamin Haji. “I told him that I will write about him as long as he is he engaged in public activity. At this time Akif Nagi hit me on my face with his fist. My glasses broke as a result of this blow.”

According to Zamin, he has already appealed to the Binagadi Police Department Police Unit #5 regarding the incident.

According to information IRFS received from the Police Unit, documents in connection with the complaint has already been gathered and sent to the Binagadi District Prosecutor’s Office.

IRFS was unable to learn what stage the case is in the Prosecutor’s Office. An unidentified employee from the Prosecutor’s Office told IRFS that no authorized representative was at work since it is Saturday today.

IRFS was also unable to learn Akif Nagi’s position on the case either. First, Nagiyev said he was in the Police Unit and there could no take a phone call. In the afternoon, a different person picked up his phone saying that Nagi was praying. Later, when IRFS tried to contact Nagi via cell phone, it was turned off.