October 9th, 2009
Today (9 October) in the Nasimi District Court, under the chairmanship of judge Emin Mehdiyev, a hearing was held on the civil lawsuit of the Director of “Vilash” water depot in Masalli region Agabey Agayev  against “Ayan” newspaper.

The defendant “Ayan” Newspaper Editor-in-chief and Founder Javid Alasgaroglu and representative Vasif Turan, and plaintiff “Vilash” water depot Director A.Agayev and his lawyer Ilham Agayev participated in the hearing.
The defendant’s representative Vasif Turan said that the writings in the article “Life of 1000 people are under danger" in “Ayan” newspaper on 8 march, 2009 are based on truth. He said that although he tried to contact A. Ağabayov to know his opinion while writing the article, but Agayev refused to speak with him.
A.Ağabəyov said that the article did not conform to reality and his lawsuit wasfounded.
Judge E.Mehdiyev announced a deliberation and then adopted a decision not to fulfill the lawsuit.
Agabey Agayev, the Director of “Vilash” water depot in Masalli region named after Heydar Aliyev, filed a civil lawsuit against “Ayan” newspaper for the article “1000 people are under danger”, and demanded that the newspaper pay 50 000 (fifty thousand) AZN in fines and publish a refutation.