October 9th, 2009
Today, “Bizim Veten” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Mirhuseyn Nagiyev was summoned to the Jalilabad District Police Department. Mirhuseyn Nagiyev told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety hotline.

According to Nagiyev, he was called to the police department because of his article “Child labor is used in Jalilabad” that was published in his newspaper. The same article was published in “Tezadlar” newspaper also. The article talks about child labor at “Gurtulush” trade center located in Jalilabad.
“The Police Department Investigator told me that I should make a statement because they received a complaint regarding the article,” said M.Nagiyev. “But I refused.  Therefore they drew up a statement regarding my refusal. I rejected to sign this document and stated that I have written what I saw.”
M.Nagiyev added that then they released him.
Jalilabad District Police Department Investigator Allahverdi (he refused to say his last name) told IRFS that an investigation is being carried out because of a complaint regarding M.Nagiyev. The investigator did not say who and why sent the complaint letter. M.Nagıyev said that he will conduct a press conference on this issue.